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Albany, New York’s long lost little alt rock label


Dominick CampanaBack PocketDigitalPC2001
The WaitHollywoodCDPC0201
The WaitHolding On Line OneCDPC0101
The WaitDear SoulCDPC0001
DryerOut Of The LoopCDPC9802
MK4Pink As HellCDPC9801
various (x10) / comp
Rich Baldes, John Brodeur, Brett Rosenberg, Michael Eck, Stephen Clair, Bob Carlton, Charlie Sweeney, Matthew Hayes, Billy Riley, Dominick Campana
Sink Into SoloCDPC9701
DryerSaturday In VainCDPC9603
Queer For Astro BoyDisaffectedCDPC9602
LugheadHold My LifeCDPC9601
various (x10) / comp
Mike Pauley, Lughead, Subduing Mara, Norman, Gilligan,
Queer For Astro Boy, Nickel Social, The Healers, Billy Riley, Topper
Bump Into FateCDPC9501
The Figgs / BloomUp The Charts / Marita7″PC9409
various (x10) / comp
Lughead, Blanket Party, Crawdad, Muler, Dryer, Can’t Say,
1000 Young, Mercy Twin, Beef, Michael Eck
Fear Into FuelCDPC9408
100 Acre WoodBingeCDPC9407
North AgainSustained YieldCassettePC9406
BloomOne More MonsterCDPC9405
Rob SkaneAnother Wasted Day7″PC9404
Disciples Of AgricultureIn My Town7″PC9403
DryerLetterbox7″ EPPC9402
The DugansSuckerPunch7″PC9401
various (x10) / comp
Paste, 100 Acre Wood, Dara Albro, The Dugans, Bloom,
North Again, All Fall Down, Crawdad, Billy Riley, Topper
Lead Into GoldCDPC9304
North AgainThrow Yourself7″PC9303
The DugansCorner Of This Bar7″PC9302
Dirty FaceBig Lollipop HeadCDPC9201
Dirty FaceMad AgainCassettePC9101


Dominick Campana

c/o Pro Sound Associates, LLC
P.O. Box 336
Guilderland, N.Y. 12084